Sunday Servings

Baking, in it's very nature, is an act of generosity.

It is impossible to bake for one. When you divide a recipe for one serving, it never bakes just right or tastes the same--its too salty or too sweet or a bit burnt or wobbly in the middle.

Baking is about generosity and hospitality.

It's sharing with the neighbors and making friends with the granny down the street. It's coffee cake for tea time at the office and birthday cakes for friends and family. Baking is an act of giving and receiving. It is love and kindness and sorrow and hope baked into a loaf of generosity. And it has taught me a lot about being more generous in my own nature.

It must also therefore be true, if baking is about generosity, then every baked good has a story--a story of generosity and hospitality and community and life lived together.

Sunday Servings is an attempt to spread the generosity a little further by sharing stories and recipes with you who might want to join me in being a little more generous through the act of baking.

If you would like to share your own story or recipe, please do so in the comments section or send a tweet to me @AmandaEPeterson.

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