Saturday, January 29, 2005

Spanglish and the Missing Plot

One of my personal pet peeves is when a movie forgets to end--when there is no real resolution to the plot and you walk out thinking "that's it?" Spanglish is one such movie. (Sorry if I just ruined the flick for someone who really wanted to see it.) Kristi and I went to see it at Kennedy School (an old school that has been renovated into a theater, restaraunt, etc.) last night, and I just couldn't help being extremely disappointed with a movie that looked so good on the previews and then wasn't.

Sometimes I think life is like that, however. We want the happy ending or at least a good termination to the current happenings and goings-on. We want everything wrapped up in a nice neat package that we can film, edit, and deliver to the masses. But the truth is I often find myself at the end of some trial, adventure, or whatever saying "that's it?"....But that's not it. Were as my hopes for the ending of Spanglish and other such movies to be redeemed will not be fulfilled, my hopes for the ending of this week's trial, or last month's fast-paced goings on will be fulfilled. God has plans to redeem every moment of them. He has desire and plan to give our lives purpose and ultimately to fully redeem the plot of our lives in Heaven.

The Guy who "already knows all our needs, and will give us all we need from day to day if we live for Him and make the Kingdom of God our primary concern" (Matt. 6: 32-33) is the same God who encourages us daily to press on and not give up hope because He is waiting for us with open arms. Praise God that He truly will never leave us or forsake us!

Monday, January 10, 2005

It's a new year

Recap of the holidays:
Christmas: Red-eye home the night of the 22nd. Two delayed flights and a mad dash through DFW later, I was home for the holidays. Fabulous Christmas with friends and family! Good to see my Amber's (Amber S., her husband Josh and son Colton and Amber L. who's living in Boston these days)! Enjoyed my family and found out a secret that I will share with you soon, but for now it is not my secret to share :)
The 27th: Flying back to Portland that night. Oops! Maybe not. Flight delay causing me to miss my connecting. Stayed one more night in good ol' Lubbock.
The 28th: Home again after a six hr. lay-over at DFW. It was my own fault really, I chose to be bumped from one of my flights and take a free $300 travel voucher, and I got to fly first class from Orange County to Portland. (I was re-routed through Orange County.)
The 31st: Series of Unfortunate Events Awesome! Definitely worth seeing, and if you haven't read the books, do. Game night at the Tuckers'! Lot's of Fun!
The 1st: Football, movies, and calls to lots of friends and family.
Happy New Year everybody!