Thursday, March 31, 2005

From the Bible Belt

Two months later! Okay, so I've discovered that I am really bad at this blogging thing. So if there is anyone out there still checking this, Thank You!

I am currently in Lubbock, TX. It was a trip that I wasn't so sure about. I didn't know if my journey here would be the best for Micah Project and PUMP. But God has proven again and again that I am right where I need to be. From the random girl who came up to me in the coffee shop after hearing me speak at LCU chapel--she may be a great intern possibility--to my meeting last night with the elders at Greenlawn church of Christ--completely an impromptu meeting--God has been in the business of orchestrating an awesome trip. The network connections that I will make during these two weeks--one in Lubbock and one in Abilene--will be a mighty work of God brining His church together to support and encourage each other.

The longer I am in the Northwest, I am realizing how important it is for Southern churches--the Bible Belt--to support Christians in the Northwest. The Northwest is the most unchurched region of the nation, and as I have gone through culture shock throughout the past several months, I have realized a lot of what that means. The people of the Northwest are lost--they are aimlessly wondering--they need to hear the Truth. The Harvest is truly great, but the workers are truly so few. Please pray for the Northwest, please pray for our community. Please pray for Portland. This city, this region, needs your prayers and your support!