Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recently I have been thinking that many of you might be wondering how seminary is going. Well, I should tell you that it is not. Or perhaps I should say that I am sure Fuller Theological Seminary is running fine in the new winter quarter, but I am not running with it.

That's right, for the time being, I am not continuing in my seminary career. There are a multitude of reasons. I'll list a few below. Any who have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

  • Between my job at Barnes & Noble and seminary, I was working two full-time jobs. There was little to no time to rest, sleep, eat, or just let my brain go on autopilot for a while. I was exhausted by the end of the term. Exhausted right in time for the holiday season at work.
  • God's been pretty clear that part of His purposes for me right now are to rest and to heal. Two things that require a lot of time, and two things that I do not often allow myself to partake in. Between work and classes, there was no time for either.
  • God has also given me amazing relationships with wonderful people both at work and my new church home. For some time, those relationships have been for me the most important things in my life. Yet once again with work and classes, there was no time to put into those relationships.
  • Why not leave Barnes & Noble instead? Because many of the relationships that are so important are at Barnes & Noble. Because Barnes & Noble is my ministry--its the lives of other booksellers that I get to be involved in, day in and day out. It's the customers that I get to help and when I can encourage and uplift. It's the hundreds of lives that I get to be involved with on the everyday. The lives that I impact and that impact me.
Everyone at Fuller has been very gracious with me in this decision. I have also received a lot of encouragement in the decision from my family and a few key close friends. Eventually, the road may lead back to seminary. We'll have to wait and see.