Thursday, August 30, 2012

Live Simply: The Gray Spaces

Living simply is about choosing to live in the gray spaces of life.

Yes, I know living in the gray sounds far more complex than living in the black and white. Living in the gray is not easy and can often be very confusing, but this is where I remind you "simple" in our context does not mean "easy".

Here's the black and white:

Tax collectors are corrupt. Tax collectors swindle and skim off the top. Tax collectors we do not associate with.

Adulterers are sinners. Adulterers have abused the gift of marriage. Adulterers have sinned against God and their bodies. Adulterers must be stoned.

Samaritans are half-breeds. Samaritans do not worship in the right place. Samaritans belong in their place and we go around. Samaritans we do not speak to.

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