Thursday, August 16, 2012

Live Simply: An Introduction

Thursday Themes is an ongoing series of posts focused on given topics or passages of scripture relevant to adoption, knowing God, and learning to live simply and love radically. Please feel free to tweet theme suggestions to me @AmandaEPeterson or leave a suggestion in the comments section.

This week we are starting a new theme on living simply. If I had a tag line to carry around with me and introduce the most basic important parts about who I am what I believe, it would be this: Live simply. Love radically. That's it. If you sum up all I believe about God, all I believe about humanity, all I believe about this world we live in and what we do in it into a few simple words, you get live simply and love radically.

In the Live Simply Series we're focusing on what it means to live simply in all aspects of our lives.

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