Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Choosing to Overcome

Last week's post on eating disorders and living in recovery with an eating disorder seemed to hit home with a lot of folk. I think because so many of us these days have been affected by an eating disorder in some way--either we know someone or know someone who knows someone or we ourselves live with one. And the likelihood is if you haven't been affected, you probably do know someone, you just don't know you know.

So let's be clear before we get any deeper into the conversation, when we talk eating disorders, we're not just talking teenage and early twenties girls anymore. More and more men are developing eating disorders (about 10% of diagnoses in the US), and the average age in women has become incredibly skewed as treatment centers are seeing a dramatic rise in the over 35 crowd and the average age a girl begins dieting has dropped to age 8.

All in all, when we talk eating disorders in the US, we're talking about 7 million women and 1 million men who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. And I believe, millions more who have not been diagnosed.

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