Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Quick update to let you know that it is actually warm in my apartment! I have stubbornly waited to call the gas company to turn the gas on until now. I did not want to pay the $5-10 for the summer months, and I decided I liked not paying a gas bill so much that I would hold off for as long as possible, November being my goal. Today is November 1st. The gas guy came today! Just in time!


Jason Hill said...

That is awesome. My wife is forced to wait until the first of November to turn on the heat. So, today I put in the storm-windows and replaced the filter in the furnace, so we are no longer shivering also. Here's to big gas bills!

Jessica Bolt said...

I'm really glad that it's going to be warm at your house now! Yay for me living in dorms and being able to turn on the heat and not have to think about what it costs!