Sunday, November 27, 2005


Last night Kristi B., her mom, friend Tabitha, Emily and I went to see Rent. I have to say that I was very impressed with how faithful the movie was to the original Broadway musical, and not being confined to a stage, they were able to do some pretty amazing things with the set.

Rent is probably one of the most controversial musicals ever made, and the movie brought the controversy into full Techincolor. If you are feint of heart, I don't suggest that you go see this movie. However, if you want to be challenged to take a deeper look at society and love, then I highly recommend it.

The first time I saw the musical, it forced me to take a deep look at myself and how I love or don't love the "untouchables" of our society. I saw a message of love and grace portrayed that the Church needs to portray. I saw a drag queen do more to encourage others, promote love, and offer grace than I have probably done in my life time.

A huge message of the movie, even highlighted in one of the songs, is to "live for today." As Emily so aptly expressed following the movie (her first time seeing Rent), that is all they are living for is today. They love, but they have no hope of future glory--a hopeless existence.

I cannot help but be reminded of Peter's words, "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15) I pray that we would always be able to give answer for our hope and that we would be prepared to offer that hope to those who need love and grace so badly.


Adam Wolfgang said...

Our "hope" is not of tomorrow, it is of the possibilities today might bring. I don't think the idea "live for today" is all that bad. If I knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, how much more urgent would my purpose become? I try to look at everyday as my last opportunity, it gives me great urgency in my mission. So I guess not "live for today", but "plan for no tomorrow".

I hope to go see this soon with my wife, I too love the message about societies cast-offs. I believe Jesus lived as one of these poeple, and that he calls us to live like him.

Amanda Peterson said...

I agree with you, Adam. My point was more that the understanding in the movie is that today is all you have--nothing more than that and nothing more to live for than today. While we should strive to live in today, because we are not promised tomorrow, we should also be pressing forward to the goal--heaven. That is the "hope" that we have, and it is so much more than today!

Adam Wolfgang said...

Isn't the goal of Heaven a selfish goal? Was Jesus' goal to get back to his Father, or to give his children hope? I believe my goal is not Heaven, but to offer people hope.
Don't mean to stirr the pot, just my thoughts, I agree that the message in Rent is a very lonely existence. I hope the reality is that our message IS changing that lonelyness.