Monday, November 14, 2005

Can't Deny it Anymore

Last week's highlights included a trip to Larch Mountain and Rascal Flatts in concert. That's right, Rascal Flatts with opening acts Blake Shelton and Keith Anderson.

Some of you are out there wondering, "Is it possible that Amanda Peterson went to a country concert? Is this the same hip-hop lovin', country hatin' girl I knew? Surely I have found the wrong blog. This must be another Amanda Peterson!"

I assure you that I am the same Texas gal who hated country music prior to moving to Oregon. However, something strange happened when I got to Oregon. I didn't hear country Music everywhere I turned.

The onslaught of steel guitars and deep twang of a country melody were left behind, and something strange happened. I actually began to miss it. I programmed Portland's two country radio stations on my car stereo presets. I began to listen to it more and more, call it homesickness if you will or maybe a nostalgia for the past. And now I genuinely love country music. I actually seek out the ballads that I used to hate. What is even scarier is that the more I listen to it, the more I relate to the songs and the more I discover that I am a Texan through and through. I can no longer deny my "hickish" tendencies.

Oh dear, what's ever to become of me!


kristi w said...

I went through a similar country phase in high school. It was about the time I also went through a Diet Coke phase. Blek! Must have been an undocumented mental condition.

Patrice said...

Man, are you homesick!!! I will be in much prayer for you.

Adam Wolfgang said...

Rascal Flats sing r&b, just ask Steve!