Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yesterday I was kidnapped.

There I was having a jolly old day when along come my devious and yet ever so wonderful friends with a plot to destroy a carefully planned out day. Oh well.

Emily was the next to be kidnapped, and then the Grauls (my devious and yet ever so wonderful friends), Emily, Conor (Kristi's son who Kaelea watches in the afternoon), and I set off on an adventure full of winding roads and snowy tree-tops, after a stop off at Wendy's for some grub. (By the way, Ike and Kaelea, I think the second half of my chicken sandwich may still be in your van. Sooorrrry!)

When we reached our destination, Emily and I climbed out of the van in the midst of a winter wonderland. We each grabbed a hand of one of the little ones and set off up the trail to the very pinnacle of Larch Mountain where we had a glorious view of Mt. Hood, a somewhat foggy view of Mt. Saint Helens, and a view of the large cloud mass in front of Mt. Ranier. It was beautiful! Absolutely breath-taking! And breath-taking it was in the midst of snow fights and fruitless efforts to knock snow off near-by trees with heaps of snowballs as ammo.

I found rest up there on the mountain. A needed reprieve from the stresses of the world below. Thank you, Ike and Kaelea (Michal and Malachi, too) for sharing your afternoon with us and reminding me of the beauty God has formed, the joy of a snowball, and the needed rest of an afternoon with friends. I hope that I walked, or rather drove, or even yet rather slid, down the mountain with my head held a little higher. Next time, let's remember to bring a camera!


Ike Graul said...

Our pleasure; it was beautiful; bummer about the lack of camera.

Steve Maxwell said...

Nice Bebo references. And you have to watch out for the Grauls because they do stuff like invite you over and fix you the bomb slow-cooked pork, mashed potatoes, vegies and ice cold coke. Whoops! Did I say that!
Glad you ladies had a good time. You desereved it. God is good all the time especially in the mountains.