Monday, April 30, 2012

Wrapping Up Hannah

The following is an excerpt from a story I submitted to Lion Brand Yarn's story contest. I couldn't resit combining two of my favorite activities, crochet and writing. You can read the full story on Lion Brand's Facebook and while you are there, click the "vote now" button. If you feel so inclined, you can vote daily. Anyone who does feel so inclined, let me know and I'll craft you something for your efforts. Enjoy!

My grandmother was the one who taught me to crochet. I can remember chaining and chaining until I had a chain that stretch all the way down the hall. Grandmommie laughed, and said “I guess I better teach you how to turn.” Eventually I learned to follow patterns and to shape yarn into throws and scarves and hats and toys. It is a hobby I have enjoyed and through it I have learned many lessons about generosity and giving.

Not long after beginning the journey towards adopting Hannah, I came across Lion Brand’s “Garden Square Granny Afghan” crochet pattern. The vibrancy of color drew me to it and made me think of Hannah and her vibrant personality. This was something I could give to my daughter as a tangible reminder of love and hope. It would be a chain of connection to our family—a skill passed down from my grandmother through my hands to wrap a great-granddaughter in love and warmth.

Read the full story and vote...

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