Thursday, April 13, 2006

To update about the B&N interview:

The interview went very well. I got there and they asked the normal questions. Then the two mangers (store manager and the community relations manager) looked at each other and preceded to the second part of the interview.
In this second part, they told me that they would like to consider me for the community relations management position which will be opening up at the end of June. They told me all about the job and we talked a little more about details. Basically that means that I would be networking with nonprofits and schools to put on events and book fairs, building reading events for kids, bringing in authors for readings and signings, etc.

There are a few other candidates who are interviewing for the position. They are supposed to call me in 10 days in order to let me think through it and let them think of any other questions they might have.

Initially, I feel that it is a job that I would really enjoy, and am excited about the possibility. Please be praying over the decision process of both B&N and myself.


kristi said...

Ahh! I realized I was very behind on your blog (like three posts!) Glad you made it! That job sounds like a lot of fun. Best of luck. Praying for you, sister

Jason Hill said...

Uh, wow.

That would be a hoot! I know you may not want to get your hopes up prematurely, but I am rooting for you.

Kaelea said...

Been praying that your time in TX is relaxing and refreshing! Can't wait to hear about the decision regarding your possible job at Barnes & Noble! How does housing look; have you decided on a place? When does school start?

Questions, questions, questions! Miss you.

Kaelea said...

Has it been 10 days yet? Have you heard anything yet? Huh, huh?!

Miss you!

Amanda Peterson said...

As of 2:30pm CST, I have yet to hear from B&N.