Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thoughts on Living Alone

For the first time ever, I am living by myself! I have been for about two months now. This is my place--see the two doors next to each other in the middle of the plex? Mine is the one on the right. Emily lives in the one on the left. Next door to the plex is the PUMP House. Talk about a short jaunt to work! So here's a few lessons I have learned about living alone:

1) You are the master and commander of your ship. You decide when and how to swab the deck, when to settle in for the night, when it's time to restock the food supply, etc.
2) You are also every hand on deck--could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. For those of you, my friends, who believe I have OCD, yes, it is a good thing for me.
3) Furniture is expensive. My books are getting very cozy on the floor of my office!
4) You are the DJ, the movie reel guy, and have full control of the remote.
5) You can choose to spend the night alone or you can choose to use that expensive cell phone you pay the bill for every month.
6) You can choose to go out every night, or you can choose to screen your calls, stay in, and pamper yourself.
7) When the neighbors are playing jazz music on the back porch, open all the windows, sit and enjoy!
8) Take joy in the little pleasures, ignore the little annoyances, and love the everyday joys!

That's the lessons I've learned thus far. I'm sure I'll be sharing more along the way!

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kristi w said...

Way to be positive, Amanda! Sounds kind of nice, actually. You mean you can use the restroom uninterrupted? You can read an entire chapter of a one sitting? You can actually see a room be totally cleaned without some saboteur dropping cereal or throwing toys or getting undressed right in your haven of tidiness? Wow. I need to come hang out at your place sometimes.