Monday, June 25, 2007

As I'm sitting here checking the latest feeds to come through on Google Reader, I came across the latest post to the ONE blog. The most amazing thing! Technology is consistently improving my life and probably yours if you are reading this blog. But you and me--we're in a margin of only 10% of the world's people whose lives are truly being improved by the technology revolution. The kicker is that the other 90% are the one's who could benefit most from new and improved technology. Here's someone who is trying to do something about that. Check out what Cooper-Hewitt is doing at


Jason Hill said...

I heard about this project on NPR the other day. Thanks for reminding me about it. This stuff gets me really excited. That pot-in-pot cooler is amazing.

If this stuff can really get to people who can use it, it will make a true difference.

kristi w said...

I've added their site to my news feed, so I can keep up with the effort. Thanks for helping make us aware!