Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am officially a resident of "Colorful Colorado" (the unofficial state slogan which will be displayed on the new state quarter). What does being a resident mean for me? Well, for starters, it means that I have a job and a home. I am no longer in the ranks of the homeless and unemployed.

Yesterday, Barnes and Noble at the Citadel (an area mall) offered me the community relations manager position. Woohoo! Thanks for all the prayers in this area. I move into my new apartment this weekend and start work on Monday morning with a 7am managers meeting. Lovely welcome!

Top 3 things I like about my new job:
  1. Being able to pay for grad school out of pocket
  2. Using my employee discount to buy books
  3. Full benefits package

Top 3 things I like about my new apartment:
  1. Washer and dryer hook-ups (no more lugging my laundry around)
  2. 5 minutes to work and 10 minutes to school
  3. Cozy wood-burning fireplace that will be great for the winters here (maybe I won't freeze after all!)


Jessica Bolt said...

Been thinking about you...Glad that things are going well! What a great place to work (just for the book discount alone)!

kristi said...

Congrats!! That is great. You really will be able to pay for school out of pocket? Nice job on the apartment too. Am praying for you and miss you.

Anonymous said...


I'm excited for you and your new job? Are you going to school for social work or something else? I'd love to catch up with you sometime. Best wishes to you!

Amy (Verett) Booker

Katey said...

Excited for you about the Barnes and Noble job! I would totally take it just for the discount on books too. Glad you're all moved in and stuff. Love, love, love Colorado- might have to come and visit you! :)

ewall said...

atta girl. it is so cool to watch how you just got there and God has already met some great needs in your life. I pray that He blesses you with patience and trust in Him as you wait for the ways He is going to hook you up and bless you in awesome ways. love you!

emily said...

it sounds awesome! A friend of mine in med school is from Colorado (Boulder) and we're planning a skiing trip in December... so we may have to plan a rendezvous! Enjoy the new scenery.

kristi w said...

"Colorful Colorado" - have you seen that place in late summer? All brown. Everywhere. I love that state, really - but I think that's a bit of false advertising!

I'm happy that you are settling in. Yeah for washer/dryer hook-ups!

Leslie Hutchins said...


I am so proud of you! They couldn't have hired a better individual!


Adam Wolfgang said...

Congratulations friend! I'm diggin the fire place, a good book, a mug of good tea, and snow fall!! How exciting!

I pray you are well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda! Thankful you have landed in the Springs and are settling in! How's work at B&N going?
Mark Lewis