Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thanks for a Generous Act

gen·er·os·i·ty (n.) pl. gen·er·os·i·ties

  1. Liberality in giving or willingness to give
  2. Nobility of thought or behavior; magnanimity.
  3. Amplitude; abundance.
  4. A generous act.

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Generosity is the core virtue for the month of December in our PUMP children's classes. Each week of the month, we discuss a different attribute of generosity. Today as I assisted in classes, I thought over all the generosity that has been shown to me over the past week. Last month's core virtue was gratitude. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to show gratitude for the generosity that has been shown to me:

  • Thank you Ike and Kaelea for including me in all the "festivities" of your preparation to leave for Africa.
  • Thank you Jessica for giving up extra sleep/study time on Thursday mornings to hang out with me.
  • Thank you Sybil for the tickets to the Steven Curtis Chapman/Mercy Me Christmas concert.
  • Thank you Kristi for thinking of me to share the free tickets you got to the concert with me.
  • Thank you Cheronn for the tickets to the Portland premier of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Thank you Jill and Jake for not being too put out with me when I went to see the movie without you. It won't be the same, I know, but I'd like to see it again with you when I'm in Lubbock.
  • Thank you Mom and Dad for the care-package full of fun Christmas decorations.
  • Thank you Emily for letting me rant and openly share where I am at, and thank you for calmly sharing Truth with me when I'm looking right past it.
  • Thank you Emily, Steve, Alasha and Cheronn for taking care of me yesterday when I was sick.
  • Thank you Markell for being part of our lives at PUMP. Thank You God for Markell's adoption!
  • Thank you Steve, Alasha and Jonah for making me so much a part of your life here.
  • Thank You God for making me fearfully and wonderfully and giving me a heart made to be filled only by You.
And for all of those wonderfully good and generous things that happened throughout the week that I have forgotten. Thank you for each one!

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Steve Maxwell said...

Thank you AP for the love you show our son, the babysitting of our son, helping our son be born, your smile, the rides in your rig, hanging out when you don't feel good, and for reflecting and being Jesus to all you come across. And for your thnak you's - You are welcome. We love you.