Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The End of the Tube

It has finally happened. My television set has finally died.

I can't decide if this is a tragic moment in which my life will be drastically deprived of the entertainment I so dearly love or a moment to rejoice in which I will be forced to pick-up that book that I have been meaning to read, spend some more time journaling or reading the Word, or spend some time simply being still and drinking in the prescence of God.

Hmmm, second option seems most appealing, but then I must be honest with myself that while I love being alone I also love to distract myself from the fact that I am alone. Droning hours without ER, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor might be overwhelming.

Realistically, I am not without entertainment. The instrument which I currently use to share this tragedy with you continues to provide endless hours of music, cinematic pleasures in form of DVDs, and pages upon pages of web-surfing. I will still have plenty of distractions to keep me from those tasks that might be more pressing and might ought to be the first things in my life.

This could be a great opportunity to purge the clutter from my life, i.e. old VHS tapes that I rarely watch but yet continue to sit collecting dust. Or I could save my pennies and dimes (how much does a TV cost these days anyway) and purchase a brand-spankin' new TV with all of the amenities.

Hmmm...could be crucial moment in life--choosing to let go of my addictions, i.e. old VHS tapes, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, college football, hockey (well, already gave that up with ESPN's decision not to carry NHL games this season and my own decision to discontinue the cable), etc.

Question: Am I a strong enough person to live without small screen medium?
Better question: What kind of person can God shape me into without the constant influence of the "idiot box" in my life? (Looked up "television" on Thesaurus.com. "Idiot box" actually is listed as a synonym for television.)

Stay tuned for scenes from next weeks episode--The Decision.


kristi w said...

A monumental and tough decision, indeed! We were without a t.v. for a while when we moved into this house. I look back on that as a really good time. We devoured books, played more, exercised more. It made me feel more intelligent to not watch t.v. But, alas, we gave in to our idiocy.

* you can come over here for Grey's Anatomy :-)

Adam Wolfgang said...

welcome to the begining of the rest of your life. Embrace this time of counter cultural living (relative). I have thoroughly enjoyed this season in our lives, I know it will not last forever, too many others in my home wish for a tv. If you need some support, My wife has been going through withdrawls for a while.

note: this is not a fair depiction, we still have the technology to watch tv on our computer and do so once a week for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Jason Hill said...

As soon as I read this I thought immediately of these two posts:
New TV

Then I wondered what Kristi and Adam would say about all of this. To find out, I had to look no further than the comments, nice.
I don't have much to contribute as a guy with a Tivo sticker on the back of his car and a monthly DirecTV bill that I should be embarrassed of.~rolleyes~ One thing I like about TV is watching it with my wife. We get a chance to hang out together and share a laugh, cry or conversation starting documentary. It puts us in the same room and I like that.

Steve Maxwell said...

It is College Bowl season and too close to March. :-). Besides, this is when the christmas specials come on. Besides that, you have a key to at least our TV if things get too bad. Other wise, enjoy the peace, or join me or the White's for football. :-)

sarah said...

Kristi its really not that bad, after awhile you forget what shows are on. It was such a good feeling that I did not have to leave Thanksgiving early because I couldn't bear to miss survivor. We were just starting to have fun when everyone freaked out about it. I had no idea it was on.

But I have to admit I enjoy it and find myself watching or wishing I could watch when I'm home by myself in the evening. My brain can only handle so much stimulation before I crave a good veg session.

Good luck with your decision!!

Amber G. Lehmann said...

yet another good topic for our upcoming breakfast date! i've been sober, i mean tv-free, for about 8 months. these months have had their ups and downs, but overall, life without is definitely doable and a blessing.