Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sad as it is...

Sad as it is, what am I doing right now? I'm watching Toy Story--yes, the 10th anniversary DVD came out today. I now own it, and am watching it. Can I just say that I am not old enough for Toy Story to have come out 10 years ago! I am way too young for things such as this to be having 10th anniversaries! Really, I was in college a minute ago, high school a minute before that, and junior high the minute before that. I was thirteen years old when PIXAR hit the big screen! Yes, that makes me only 23 now, but I need to have a "wow, I'm old moment!" I recognize that I am still quite young and naive and that I will have many of these moments over the coming years, but really, I need to express it right now.

Toy Story will always be one of my favorite movies. It's just a great flick with a great story line. Toy Story 2, also a great flick, is another favorite. I don't think I realized I was thirteen when it came out until I saw the advertisement for it and subtracted. (Good advice: If you like thinking that you have always been as young as you are now, never subtract!) Honestly, I don't remember much about being thirteen. I'm sure I had the same struggles and difficulties of any adolescent, and I'm sure that my parents were in charge of most major decisions for my life. My decisions included what clothes to put on in the morning and whether or not to do the responsible thing and make my bed.

Not so anymore! Now I have to choose to make my bed, what to wear, what to fix for dinner, what time to get up in the morning, to get up in the morning, what expenditures are important, what ones aren't, how to set up the monthly budget, etc., etc., etc. I kind of liked the simplicity of it all, but then I kind of like the complexity of it all now. At least I always get to pick which movie to watch! And tonight, it's Toy Story!

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