Friday, March 04, 2011

Trying to Escape Through a Closed Window

A friend and I have been slowly working our way through Elizabeth George's A Woman Who Reflect's the Heart of Jesus: 30 Days to Christlike Character. For us, A Year to Christlike Character will probably turn out to be a more appropriate subtitle, but nonetheless, we are on the road.

This week we discussed having Christlike confidence.

Confidence is a valued attribute for most Americans. We are taught at an early age that confidence is a quality to be desired and that we advance in the world when we show confidence. We call it by many names--positive self-esteem or self-image, a go-get-it-ness, a pull yourself up by your bootstraps mentality. We're known for exuding confidence.

But Christlike confidence isn't about confidence in oneself--it's about being confident in who He is, Who you belong too and who He created you to be. It's about knowing that the image of God is impressed upon your DNA--that He created your DNA. It also means showing a humility in your own abilities and recognizing that it is His abilities that matter.

Christlike confidence is contrary to the world's notion of confidence. Its about humility and meekness, gentleness and trust. Quite honestly, it's a lot less to do with me and a lot more to do with Him.


A moment ago, a bird flew in through the open window and found himself with the profound dilemma of being in an enclosed space and too frightened to find its way out again. Searching for a solution, he flew to a window, where he fiercely pecked away at the glass trying to escape. The chosen point of exit was the middle pane of a three paned window. Both panes to the left and the right stood open with no barrier to escape.

Frightened and furious, he continued to peck away at the middle pane for a few minutes before I took a magazine and gently guided him to the better escape portal.

I imagine that I am probably often caught in the same circumstances. Too frustrated, too angry, too caught-up in my own actions to see the open window just next to me.


Here's some things that I have been enjoying a lot lately:

          Getting back into the habit or running.
          Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist
          My Amazon Kindle
          Hummus and the many varieties thereof
          The life and vivacity of Joburg
          Skype and its window home
          Writing again
          Breaking in my new pair of flip-flops
          Rediscovering my iPod
          Quiet interrupted by laughter

Small things that bring me small joys.


Jason Hill said...

I like all of your words here, but especially: humility, meekness, gentleness, and trust. He can work on that in me.

Amanda Peterson said...

I was actually just thinking about you, Jason, and how happy I am to see updates on your blog. Something that I've missed in my Google Reader feed.