Saturday, November 08, 2008


I've spent the past several weeks working for the Lubbock County Elections Office. A variety of odd jobs, but mostly working at the polls for both early voting and Election Day.  I had a great experience. Lubbock County is one of the best counties in the country to vote in and the best county to vote in for people with disabilities. Who knew? Lubbock County.

What I noted most as I assisted voters of all parties, races and backgrounds was the general good will I felt from almost everyone. No matter their candidate or party, there was an undeniable feeling of unity as citizens performed their civic duty. Parents coming in with their 18-year-olds, first-time voters who had just received their citizenship, other first-time voters who had never chosen to exercise their voting privelege, occasional voters, committed voters, voters in their 90s--everyone shared a common good will. And I couldn't help but think that maybe we as American citizens are not as divided as the national media often portrays us to be. And maybe we are not as divided as our Congress presents itself to be.

That gives me hope.

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heather said...

Who trusts the media anyway? ;-)

I worked with a local representative's campaign back home when I was 10 or 11. One of the coolest things ever! I felt so important. =)