Monday, June 30, 2008

The June Update

The June Recap:

I arrived in Lubbock, TX on May 28th. It was a long trip--my father and I both hauling trailers on our vehicles. The day ended unloading all of my possessions for storage into my grandmother's garage. (Thanks, Dad, for coming to Colorado to help me move. And thanks, Grandmommie, for the storage space.) The next days were spent unpacking all non-storage items and settling back into my parent's place.

Mid-month, I had the great opportunity to travel to Oregon. And even better than being in Oregon was being with Maxwells, Grauls, and Emily. It was great to get to vacation together and incredibly good for my heart. I continue to be amazed at the beautiful relationships God gives me in each place that I live. While in Oregon, it was also great joy to pay a visit to PUMP Sunday morning and get to visit with a ton of other people I love.

Back in Texas, I've sweltered in the heat, spent some great times with my parents, and played a lot with my nephew. This last weekend we took him to Critter Fest at the local science museum--tigers, camels, and water buffalo, oh my!

The Peace Corps Update:

We're still in the waiting game. I currently have a medical hold on my account because I have been treated for an eating disorder in the last three years. This has been a frustrating setback. I am working on getting another recommendation from a local eating disorder specialist. However, this requires getting copies of all of my records from counslers in both Portland and the Springs. The whole process is delaying an already long process and may end up keeping me from going period.

I understand that the Peace Corps does not want to take a chance with relapses. This is wise on their part, but frustrating on my end. Please pray for patience and trust. Pray for God's providence and that if it is His heart for me to go that I will recieve the necessary clearance.

That's the update! Enjoy your day!

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kristicw said...

Thanks for the update, Amanda. Shoot - that sounds very frustrating. I truly hope it clears quickly so you can move forward with this dream.

It was great to see your lovely face back at PUMP. Don't wait too long before your next visit!