Sunday, October 22, 2006

So there is much more to life right now than writing papers. Would I say that I am settled into life in Colorado? Well, yeah, I think I would. Would I say that I like it here? Yes, yes, I do. Here's some highlights of life in Colorado:

  • Hiking. Lots and lots of hiking in lots and lots of beautiful places.
  • Snow. It snows here. Twice in the last week. But not to the point that the roads are impossible and you feel trapped inside, which I would not enjoy.
  • Work. Yeah, I still love my job.
  • Bookfairs. One of my favorite aspects to my job. I get to help schools and literary nonprofits raise money.
  • Kids events. I get to play with kids and spend time creating crafts, coming up with games, and have fun finding cool, cheap stuff at the dollar store.
  • My online class. Love it. No doubt, there will be posts coming on what I am learning in this class. Friday night Bible Study. Lovin' the college and career crew at church. Lovin' being challenged to go deeper with this group of people.
  • The people I work with, the people I go to church with, the people I go to class with. Lots of good, good people, that God is using in my life in various ways.
  • God. Yeah, He's doing some pretty stinkin' amazing things in my life right now which I hope to share with you all soon!

So how's colorful Colorado? It's great!


Jessica Bolt said...

I'm glad to hear you're liking it there...

Katey said...

Ohh, Maroon Bells- LOVE THAT PLACE!! Amanda, I'm slightly jealous because you're living my childhood dream of living in Colorado. Go hiking and take some pictures for me! Glad school and stuff is going so well!

kristi said...

It is so good to hear you in this good space. Glad there are plenty of things to enjoy and plenty that God is doing in your life!