Monday, October 10, 2005

The South vs. The Northwest

So, my last few entries have been rather intense and thought provoking so this is something on the lighter side.

After Kristi's recent trip to Nashville, she posted some random observations that she made of the "South." As she stereotypically compartmentalized my homeland into the ostentatious box of Nashville, TN--let's face it, Nashville is the flashiest Southern city ever--Emily and I felt the need to share our thoughts on the Northwest. Check out Kristi's thoughts and our comments here.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is all in good fun! We just needed to be proud Texans for a minute!


kristi w said...

As I clearly stated in my opening line, my observations were about where I had visited, NOT ABOUT THE SOUTH! I knew better than to go there with the crew I have to hang around! And as I added to my post, I thought you Texas folks didn't claim to be a part of the South! I thought that would at least get me off the hook with you two obnoxious girls. I'd be happy to start an "Observations About West Texas", if you'd like. :-)

Oh, and I must point out, that I was not, in any way, disparaging Opry, Nashville, TN or the great southern portion of the U.S. Some observations were positive things (I never said sequins were bad!); only a few, like the smoking, were noticibly negative (and how can you argue with that?). So there.

Amanda Peterson said...

I'm sick so I'm a "smart Alec." My dad always said it got worse when I was sick. It's all in good fun! You knew, before you posted, that we wouldn't be able to resist :)
We did discuss that we might be starting a war, so if you feel the need to bash Texas--go ahead, I dare ya'! :)

kristi w said...

No, I'm smarter than that! And like when in any foreign land, I accept the idiosyncrasies and seek to see value in what I don't understand!