Monday, August 23, 2004

Midnight Ponderings

It is currently 12:04am in Portland, OR. I am obviously unable to sleep--probably due to the past week of staying up to late watching the Olympics and the fact that my mind is whirring at lightspeed.

In the past week, I have found myself asking over and over again: what am I doing here? And then voicing that same question to the LORD. I have no idea what I am doing here. I know the task before me to complete, but I feel so ill equipped for the job. Honestly, several times this week, I have felt like Moses crying out to God: "I can't do this! Send somebody else! You picked the wrong guy!" Blessings, that the place where Moses was is exactly where I need to be. Scripture shows over and over that God uses nobodies, failures, and yes, even the guy who says I can't to pull off His biggest show-stoppers. When I am crying out I can't, God is crying out But I can!

Lord, I need You to pull off the impossible. I need You to lead the way, to blaze the trail ahead, especially since I have little to know idea where I am going. You know, and You can see the way! Praise You LORD that You are absolutely marvelous. The ministry You have prepared for me here is Yours and not mine. Take it as Your own. Praise You most almighty God. I believe You for who You are and what You are about to do. Amen.

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Homeless Comic said...

What are we all doing here? How long O'Lord, how long?