Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday, January 6, 2006

Phone call from Alasha. "Steve's having tightness in his chest. We're going to the emergency room. Will you come watch Jonah?"

Steve and Alasha leave for the hospital. Crash on their bed to snooze until Jonah wakes up or until Alasha calls.

Alasha calls. Completely incoherent; only catch every other word Alasha says. Their not sure what's wrong with Steve and are admitting him to the hospital for observation and to run tests. Try to go back to sleep. Can't sleep. What's wrong with Steve? His acid reflux? His sleep apnea? Heat attack? Something else? Should I be calling people to ask for prayer? No, it's still to early to call even people in Central Time Zone? What if he's really sick? How do we let the Graul's know? Their in Africa. Must occupy mind. Will find caffeine and mess around on the computer.

Alasha is home. Nurse told her to go home and get sleep. Reports on Steve's condition. He is doing better. His heart is stressed. Their not sure why and are going to hold him for 24 hours for tests and observation. She's exhausted. She's goes to sleep I go home to sleep a little while. She'll call when she wakes up.

Still awake...

Must have finally dozed off. Alasha called. She's fixing coffee. Pull self together. Drive back to their house. Jonah is awake. Has far too much energy. He slept all night.

Pack-up Steve's breathing machine for his sleep apnea to take to the hospital. Jonah is going with me so Alasha can sleep. Make phone calls on the way to the hospital. Can't think of who all to call. Hope I called all the right people. Crap. Just passed the turn for the hospital. Must turn around and go back.

Arrive at hospital. I've only been in this hospital once. What room number did Alasha say? 5315? 3511? 5511? Yeah, that's it 5511? How do I get to 5511? Meet Kerry Lowery in the hallway. We find 5511 together. Steve is doing well. In good spirits, but really tired. Was happy to see his son. Does not see worried.

Back at the house. Alasha is asleep on the couch. Passed out. Dropping everything. Making lots of noise. Still not waking up. Good. But Jonah down for a nap. Should take nap myself. Can't sleep.

Alasha's phone rings. She works on changing clothes and getting ready to go back to the hospital. I go get food. Jonah is still asleep.

Steve calls. They are releasing him. Couldn't find anything wrong accept what we already know. Prescription rest. Alasha goes pick him up. I entertain Jonah as he is now awake. Thank goodness for Baby Einstein.

Jonah goes down for second nap. Alasha and Steve still not home. I fall asleep on the couch.

Steve and Alasha arrive home. End of long day. Thank you, God, that everything was okay and my friend is alright! Thank you that I was able to be here to help them out!

Note: All times are approximated. I actually have no idea what time any of it happened.


ewall said...

Manda--glad, so glad, you were there for them to help them out. and i still claim that you would like the show 24, especially after this little entry! look forward to talking to you and seeing you soon!

Steve Maxwell said...

Thanks for being there for me. Maxwell's really love AP a lot.

kristi said...

I am glad you were there for the Maxwells. You seem to be the hospital guru! Thanks for taking care of me (really late) when I was sick too!

StrawberryLorax said...

Absolutely glad Steve was and remains ok. Now at the distance of a few weeks I don't feel any guilt in saying that I find this entry rather amusing and find it a good portaryal of the angst surrounding a night at the hospital...emily's right, you should watch 24.